How to Increase Throat Hit With E-Liquids?

What is throat hit? Simply put, this is the sensation one gets from inhaling on e-liquid vapor at the back of the throat or in the lungs, and is similar to what you feel when you smoke an analogue cigarette.

Throat hits are important to many in the vaping community because it is this feeling of satisfaction smokers get when smoking. For many of them to not think about having an analogue cigarette, the throat hit must be there.

What causes throat hit? There are many factors that are at play here. Two of the most important are your nicotine juice strength as well as the warmth of the vapor produced by the PV (personal vaporizer) device.

How much nicotine should I use?

If you are a light smoker, you will be fine with less of a throat hit and you shouldn’t be increasing your nicotine usage above 12 mg – in most cases, 8 mg will be sufficient. For medium to heavy smokers, 18 mg to 24 mg should be the sweet spot. Although almost all e-liquid retailers sell 36 mg juices, I recommend you don’t get it as it’s way too strong and the last thing you want is to suffer the side-effects of a nicotine overdose.

For a better throat hit, also consider lower VG concentrations in your e-liquids as the higher the PG, the better the effect.

Higher voltage devices

To increase the warmth of your vapor and for more of a throat hit, you will need to get a higher voltage device with bigger batteries.

A 3.7 Volt battery (like the Ego E-cigarette) will give you an average throat hit while a 5 V battery on a mod such as the “Silver Bullet” as well as many of the Box mods will allow your atomizer to heat up a lot more to produce an even warmer vapor, thus giving you a much better throat hit.

Other options

You can also try LR (low resistance) atomizers which can be purchased separately. Attaching one of these to a standard 3.7 V battery will allow the atty to fire up hotter than the standard atty’s, increasing the warmth of the vapor. This is what I do on my Ego-T but as I’ve mentioned before, LR atomizers will die a lot sooner than regular ones, so make sure you have several spares stocked up.

Using LR atomizers will also burn through your e-liquids faster as they produce more vapor, but the sacrifice in my opinion, is worth it. E-juice is cheap, well, cheaper than cigarettes anyway.

E-liquid manufacturing

Some people also say that China-made e-liquids produce a better throat hit while the USA-made ones are a lot more mellow. I’m not too sure about this as most of my juices till have, have been manufactured in the USA and UK. Feel free to comment below and tell me what you think about the differences.