Halo HX 3 Smoke Juice Review

Halo HX3 smoke juice Review
Today, I just wanted to quickly go over the new smoke juice by Halo. This e-liquid review is going to be on the new experimental flavors by the guys at Halo.
Edit: I should mention that this is review is based on my personal preference in e-liquids and I’ve mentioned this many times before – tastes vary from person to person.

I received a small little 7 ml bottle from them when I purchased my large order of the Malibu flavor. Packaging of all the Halo smoke juice bottles are the same, do there isn’t much to report here. The HX 3 definitely has a few ingredients in common with the other Halo juices, but it somehow tastes awful to me. Perhaps, I’m not a fan of tobacco flavors?

Taste – What’s In It?

This e-liquid has a similar smell to the Tribeca juice, and even tastes similar to it. Fruity tasting but not the fresh kind of “fruity” that I like. Although the Tribeca is decent, I’ve never been a big fan of it (I have no idea why – you gotta ask my taste buds). HX3 to me, seems to be a combination of Tribeca, Prime, Torque (maybe?) and something else new.

When I vape on it, the inhale is rather pleasant, but on the exhale, it’s rough and dry. It’s the same dry feeling you’d get when you smoke a Marlboro Red cigarette.

Throat Hit

If you’re after a strong throat hit, this is the smoke juice for you. I like good throat hits on my e-liquids but this one is an overkill. I’ve already mentioned before in my beginner guide that TH has a lot to do with nicotine content, but the sampler Halo sent me only had 12 mg of nicotine in it. Yet, the TH was way strong – imagine what it’d be like on my usual 18 mg juices!


The conclusion is that I’m not really liking this e-liquid and therefor I can’t really recommend it. If you’re into tropical fruit vales, go with the Halo Tribeca. If you’re into tobacco smoke flavors, go with “Prime”.

The experimental “HX3” is an in-between that is neither nor. I really do hope that Halo will keep tweaking this juice to perfection.

Have you tried the HX3? Why not let everyone know what you think of it, by dropping comment in the box below…

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  1. Smokie says:

    Had a 30 ml bottle of it, and vaped it in a week, Love this liquid. We had a vape meet, and Halo was their giving out samples of this liquid, everyone liked it did not hear anything negative. So I guess it’s just your taste about this flavor with flavors being very subjective to each person.

  2. Linda says:

    This is my favorite now. I love it! It’s got a tiny bit of juicy fruit taste on exhale which gives it a unique flavor that is very hard to describe.

  3. Ron says:

    I have 4 unopened HX3 packs .. tasted nasty. Love the service, delivery, style – the whole nine. very disappointed in the HX3s.