Do E-Cigarettes Taste Similar to Real Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes and Real Cigarettes“Do electronic cigarettes taste like real cigarettes?” – that’s a very common question I get asked by friends who have taken up an interest in my vaping hobby.

The answer to that question is “no”. In my personal opinion, e-cigs actually taste better than analogue cigarettes. Here’s what happened…

In the beginning, I started by ordering a huge batch of tobacco-only flavors, thinking that I just wanted something that tasted like a real cigarette, and didn’t care for any fanciful flavorings. At the same time, I also bought a few bottles of other sweet flavors such as coffee and butterscotch as well, just out of curiosity. What I realized was that, after only a few days of vaping, I started preferring the non-tobacco flavors. For those of you starting out, I suggest you buy as many sample sized flavors as you can. This way, you can easily narrow down your favorites and commit to buying larger bottles of e-liquids to save money. Check out this link to my other article about using E-liquids.

Another thing I discovered was that after about a week of quitting smoking, my taste buds returned with a vengeance. I actually tried smoking a real cigarette after quitting for one week just to see what it was like, and realized how much had changed – these tasted really foul! It really made me wonder what got me to start smoking in the first place…

Side note: You might also want to read up on me losing my taste buds (click link to read more).

An important thing to note for those of you who are new to this is, that there are other factors at play as well. These factors will determine how closely electronic cigarettes mimmic the real thing. The throat hit is the term coined by the vaping community to describe the sensation you get when you take a long drag and inhale cigarette smoke. If there isn’t a throat hit, there will probably be no satisfaction. I’ve explained this in detail in my “throat hit” article. Make sure you read that to maximize the enjoyment of your e-cigarette.

Most other kinds of nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) hardly ever work in keeping smokers off cigarettes, I’m sure you are reading this article, you already know all too well. Patches and gum only serve to deliver nicotine into your bloodstream via your skin (or mouth in terms of chewing gum). They do not produce smoke, smell and that all-important hand to mouth connection that all we smokers miss when we quit smoking. If you search around the web for the success rates of the NRT’s, you’ll notice that they hold a very high rate of failure.

To conclude, electronic cigarettes in my opinion are so much better in terms of taste and hit, without all the smelly clothes and tar-stained teeth. My teeth have also started to appear whiter after several weeks of quitting. Let’s not forget the amount of cash I managed to save from buying a pack of smokes every two days or so at around $15 per 25 cigarettes.

If you have any questions about e-cigarette usage and e-liquids, just drop me a comment below in the comment box. I’d be happy to help out any way I can. Don’t forget to check out my Youtube reviews as well.



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  1. Sterling says:

    I’ve been reading reviews and other blah blah blah on E-cigs and it’s all confusing. I’m interested in a good tank cigarette and all of the vendors say their’s are the best. Help me out here. I am impressed with your website and info on all of the topics that are important relating to E-smokes. Also what is the difference between e-juice and e-liquid? Thank you and hope to hear back. Sterling

    • mech says:

      @Sterling E-juice and e-liquid are just synonyms – they’re essentially the same thing. If you’ve never used an e-cig before, I really suggest you don’t go with the tank. Play with regular cartos first. Reason is, tanks require you to use cartomizers that are cut. You will need a good e-cig mod to get the most out of tanks. Tanks are huge as well, not practical to take around with you on a daily basis.

      What’s your real reason for wanting a tank? It contains a lot of liquid but it’s going to be a pain if you want to swap flavors often. Tanks are really not for beginners. I personally use the Liquinator. Check out that review.

  2. Ray Tamar says:

    Where do I buy these cigarettes and how much do they cost?

  3. Lea says:

    I just want to thank you for your site. A friend of mine gave me a Leo when I started to show interest in ecigs. I’ve been smoking analogs for roughly 16yrs, 10-30 a day. I started a working out and dieting and went from smoking 10 analogs a day to 20 or more. I couldn’t stand the way I smelt, it was embarrassing at times. And I was always outside smoking rather than being inside with my family or friends. I was smoking alot and it alienated me, I didn’t like it but didn’t know how to quit.

    So a friend gave me a Leo and some liquids and I didn’t really like it. It was so big, it leaked, I had no idea what I was doing and the liquids were 100% vg and not good to me. But I knew there had to be a better way for me and didn’t want to give up on vaping. I luckily found your site and after reading your reveiws ordered a halo g6 and have been analog free for 3 weeks!

    I absolutely love vaping. I’m never even tempted to smoke an analog. Not even after a few beers or couple glasses of wine. The g6 is perfect for me (although sometimes the TH is lacking, is this a battery issue?) I’ve also found some amazing juices from Mom and Pop Vapor Shop. Why smoke a smelly analog when I can vape butterfly bait :)

    Anyway thanks for your blog. It offers great guidance for beginners to get off cigarettes. And I’m so happy you introduced me to the g6
    Take Care!

  4. mike says:

    out of curiosity bought a disposible century 21 at local gas station, it was big and bulky but had a decent flavor, then got g6 starter with just tobacco flovors, they all taste like dirty socks smell.
    is there any ecigs or juice that taste like a real cigarette (like marlboro red)

    • mech says:

      Not that I know of Mike.

      I generally prefer non-tobacco type vapes, mainly because I’ve been subconsciously changing the way my mind sees tobacco and cigarettes. The goal here for me is to quit smoking, and the last thing I want is a juice that reminds me of cigarettes.

  5. Mark says:

    I have been a smoker for over 30 yrs I am tring E cigs now but I dont like when I take a puff it makes a hissing noise and there is no resistance when you puff a ecig. Maybe its the brand I am trying. I put scotch tape around the battery and the cartridge lol.

    This does bother me about the hissing noise and I dont feel like I am getting a lot of vapor unless I take 2 or 3 puffs bit the hissing noise drives me crazy.

    Is this normal for e cigs

    • mech says:

      Hmm I get a crawling noise with mine. The hissing is probably you taking too hard a drag man. Smoking is very different from vaping. Your drags should’ve long and slow depending on your device.