Losing My Taste Buds With E-juice?

Something strange is going on with my taste buds of late. I’ve just received a huge shipment of different juices from Health Cabin, Liberty Flights, and also Tasty Vapors. After a few days, all the juices have become tasteless to me. I went onto the ECF forums and posted about this experience there and received some pretty good advice as well as some things to try.

How I currently vape

At the moment, I go through about 3 to 5 ml of e-liquids a day, using my Ego electronic cigarette’s tank system. I mostly do the vaping in front of my iMac when I’m working and take drags every 10-15 minutes or so. These drags could be anywhere between 3 to 10 in count. I also switch up the flavors throughout the day, with my current main e-juices being the RY4 and Ultimate Pipe tobacco flavors.

The symptoms

What happens is I pick up my PV, and take a long drag and get a huge flavor pop. I get the full contrast of all the different layers of smell and flavor from my e-juice. After the second or third drag, it becomes this cool and very bland flavor and it’s almost the same as vaping my Elusion E-cigarettes – flavorless nicotine.

This happens time and time again. If I stop vaping for about an hour, I get that initial flavor pop again.

I’ve tried changing atomizers as well, flipping between low resistance atty’s and the default Ego-T atty’s, and there doesn’t seem to any difference. So I know, it’s definitely my taste buds that are acting up here. Note though, some of the atomizers I’ve tried are brand new, and never used before. But then again, they aren’t broken-in either.

The advice I received

Apparently, this is completely normal to people who have not been vaping for that long. It happens a lot and it does go away after some time and the flavors return. That was what I was told anyway and I’ll report back here in the forthcoming weeks to let you know what’s going on.

The guys on the forum have come up with a few things for me to try, so I thought I’d list them down here for you as well, just in case you come across the case of the “dead” taste buds.

Anyway, here’s the list of things to try:

  • Going back to analogue cigarettes for a day or two (I don’t really want to do this)
  • Having some chocolate to reactivate the taste buds (this sort of worked)
  • Drinking a can of carbonated soft drink (this helped me a bit too)
  • Trying some peppermint flavored e-liquids (I don’t have any minty flavors in stock)
  • Drinking more water to keep the mouth and tongue from drying out

The guys on ECF have advised me to just sit tight and after a few weeks, everything should be back to normal. We’ll see what happens. Check back here in about 2 weeks to see my report on that.

In the meantime, have you experienced the lack of flavor in your e-juices? Drop me a comment below and let me know.

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  1. Bob says:

    Yes mech, have exactly the same symptoms as you.

    Off ano’s for 1 month and 17 days. Now going to read part 2.

    • mech says:

      Hey Bob,

      I found out that it’s more to do with the carto’s I was using. They just have a really short lifespan, at best… 3 days. Flavor drops big time after that.

  2. jason says:

    I found this thread thru a search but not sure I’m having the same issue but is definitely an issue…. My tongue has been sensitive for a week and I have some buds that are either lighter in color or almost whiteish pink. I thought it was related to dehydration but I’ve been drinking fluids like crazy, cut down to next to no e-cig a day and my tongue is still sensitive on the top, mostly on the tip. Any ideas why?

  3. mech says:

    Hi Jason,

    I think that’s pretty normal. My tongue is like that as well. But.. if it looks abnormal to you, I think you should definitely speak to your doctor and have it checked out. It’s probably normal but better to be safe than sorry.

    Just a question though, which e-cigarette brand are you using and where do you get your e-juices from?


  4. Dave says:

    Hey mech, i’m dealing with the same issue. I don’t know if it’s the lack of flavors in the eliquid or if it’s my taste buds acting up. i’m also using an ego-t and currently vaping halo, johnsons creek, and lorann. i’ve never ran into this problem with my blu cig and it’s cartomizers…i’m starting to think analogs might be the way to go.

    • MJ says:


      If you have been vaping for a while you will start to gain taste and flavour sensation. But your body will also grow accustomed to the vaping (in the same way you got used to smoking). Blu Cig and eGo and similar devices are starting points. Mech’s advice on getting a Provari is sound. Give yourself a chance at higher voltage vaping and you will not turn back from it. The sky is the limit when you are vaping at 5.4v on a 3ohm Cartomiser.

  5. mech says:

    Dave, no man, don’t go to the dark side! Tobacco will kill you :)

    I’ll tell you what’s going on. You’re using an ego-T and the atomizer’s getting gunked up – fast.

    I suggest you look into getting something like a Provari, and just buying tons of fresh dual coil cartomizers, if you want to maintain the flavor hits.

    Ego-t’s are generally really weak with flavor to start off with. You will need a low resistance (LR) atty if you want better flavor, but even that will get gunked up and clogged after a few days.

    How fast it gets clogged depends on the viscosity of the liquid you’re vaping.

    Hope that helps!