How Long Do E-liquids Last: Storing Your E-cig Juice

Just ask any vaper in the community what their greatest fear is and they’ll tell you it’s running out of e-liquid. Vaping e-juice is great in my opinion but there’s always the danger of it running out, where you’re getting some down-time till your next shipment of juice arrives in the mail. That’s the worst bit.

Thus, many folks actually buy their e-liquids or flavorless nicotine juices by the truckload to keep their supply levels up. The problem is, nicotine as well as these flavors, have a lifespan. How Long?

E-Liquid Lifespan

Assuming your liquids are stored in air-tight bottles and are not opened up every day, the lifespan of the juices should be anywhere between 12 months to 24 months. It really depends on the grade of liquid and flavors and how they were manufactured. It’s hard to tell really.

But what you will want to do is to buy some empty and small 10 ml bottles to transfer your juices to for everyday use as well as dripping (directly into your electronic cigarette), rather than opening and exposing your main bottle to open air too many times.

How to Store Your E-liquid

There are many views on this, but in general, you should store the bottles in a dry, and cool spot away from sunlight. Light seems to cause whatever is in the juices to deteriorate quicker, so placing them in a dark spot in your cabinet should help slow down the oxidation process.

Myself and many others prefer buying flavorless nic juice by the bulk (normally multiple bottles of 100 ml, 100 mg nicotine in one shipment), and storing them somewhere safe. Remember though, 100 mg of nicotine is pretty poisonous, so make sure pets and children cannot get access them. Child-safe bottle caps are recommended.

Using these 100 mg nicotine juices, you can dilute them using flavor doublers that come premixed with PG, VG or both. If you want to go ahead and stock up in this fashion, I recommend that you don’t buy more than 6-8 months worth of nicotine or flavors as they will slowly start decomposing after that. It’s always better to vape fresh stuff anyway.

After a certain point, your juices will start losing their flavors and you won’t get the same kind of nicotine and throat hit you used to, unlike a fresh batch. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you’re a light smoker, but I personally prefer the heavy throat hit.

I don’t do this myself but some folks say to store the nicotine-only juices in the freezer to extend their lifespan. If you want to try this, do this at your own risk, and don’t freeze any juices with flavors in them. The moisture due to the condensation buildup can react with your flavors and ruin them. Also it might be a good idea to store the nicotine in separate bottles of 50 ml in the fridge.

Apparently, nicotine juice in PG-only fluid does not freeze either. It may become a bit thicker in consistency but it’ll still flow and will never be like a solid block of ice.


Same deal. The enemy is water from condensation. Keep all your flavors in a cool, dark spot and you will be fine for at least half a year. There are many threads on the forums where people had to throw out all their juices because they refrigerated the entire batch, and all the flavors faded.