Halo G6 Electronic Cigarette Review

Halo E cigarette

Hi guys. I’m really excited because this week I received the Halo e cigarette starter kit for review from “Halo”, a US-based e-cig and e-liquid company. So let’s get right into the “meat” of this review and talk about some pro’s and con’s of the device, and how it is different from other e-cigs on the market…

Size & Weight

The length and weight of the Halo e cigarette is no different to any other skinny/slim e-cigarette out on the market, so there is nothing really new to report about. I generally don’t fancy these skinny e-cigs due to their really short battery life, but in the case of the G6, I think I’ll be using this regularly as my ultra-portable e-cigarette (see next section about battery life).

Note: The Halo e-cig batteries and cartomizers will not work with 510 e-cigs simply because they are not 510’s. They are KR808D-1’s.

Battery Life

The battery life of the G6 e-cigarette I discovered, is slightly better than the standard KR808D-1’s that you buy elsewhere.


Before using the G6, I followed the manual as instructed and charged the battery for 8 hours (overnight in fact). The instruction manual also suggests that you should use the G6 for 20 minutes during first-use, then give it another charge of around 2 hours (I did that as well).

So how long did the battery last? I went on vaping through 10 minute intervals continuously for 4 hours whilst working in front of the computer. You could consider that chain-vaping if you like. After the 4-hour mark, the LED at the tip of the device blinked and the atomizer ceased to fire. I didn’t expect that the battery charge would have lasted that long.

Halo also mention the use of “Infiniglow” on their website, which is the name of the technology they use for enhancing battery life. I don’t really know much about this to be honest, but all I can say is that the battery does last a fair bit longer than standard KR808D-1 kits. Interesting…

I think that if you were to take a freshly charged G6 out for the night, it would definitely last you till you got home. Compared to the Elusion e-cigarettes I bought, these G6’s lasted way longer. But to be fair, the Elusion e-cigarettes are also a lot smaller (too small to be economical – battery wise).

Note: This manual battery also has a safety cut-off feature of 5 seconds.

Halo E-liquid


Check out my video below to see it in action

YouTube Preview Image

Looks & Aesthetics

These Halo e cigarettes are seriously the most beautiful slim electronic cigarettes I’ve ever seen. As you can see from the photos I took, the battery’s of the G6 is covered with an anodized aluminum shell (blue), giving it a very smooth, slick feel. It is definitely nice to touch and looks ultra-stylish.

I’m not a big fan of LED tips but the G6 I received comes with a big fat blue-colored LED that turns on every time I hit the manual switch to fire up the atty. Although I do prefer e-cigarettes without “lights”, the LED’s do serve the purpose of letting you know when your battery’s drained and when it’s fully charged – so in that way, they are an essential feature.

When the battery is charging, the blue LED light will come on and when it is fully charged, the lights go off. The charger’s light itself remains constantly on when plugged into a power source (just in case you’re wondering).

Halo Electronic Cigarettes

Vapor & Taste: This is where the G6 e cig shines

I was happy with the amount of vapor coming out of the G6 atomizer, and the vapor was pretty thick. Halo’s website says that their smoke juice provide “amazing throat hit & flavor”, but I reckon the throat hit is decent only, and at about the same level you’d get from smoking a regular tobacco cigarette. I’m used to getting much stronger throat hits these days but that can only be achieved with a higher nicotine e-liquid and a more expensive, higher voltage e-cig device.

Now, you are free to fill up the G6 cartomizers with whatever nicotine juice you like but I decided to stick to Halo-only e-liquids to do a fair review. Here’s what I thought of them…

Halo E-liquids

The guys at Halo also sent me a tin of their sample juices (7 bottles in total) and the flavors were really light yet strong, but not overwhelming. It was “just right”. I’ve tried many different e-liquids from different manufacturers and sometimes, some e-liquids from one company would taste really similar to ones from another.

For example, the “Cherry Cola”, “Red Bull”, “RY4″, “Banana Foster” flavors are all too common. Most of these flavors would differ slightly from one another but the ones from Halo were really unique. They were like nothing I’ve personally tasted before.

From the first inhale, I could tell that these e-liquids were of the premium blend, and really stand out from the cheaper nicotine e-liquids you buy from China. Halo pride themselves in providing high quality, premium e-liquids that aren’t manufactured overseas. I think this is very important as US-made e-liquids are generally made with stricter quality control guidelines. I mainly buy my juices from the USA these days as I’m pretty picky about what I inhale into my lungs.

If you want to buy e-liquids from Halo, my top 3 recommendations are:

  • Malibu – a fresh, light menthol, tropical flavor just like the Malibu drink.
  • Tiki Juice – a sweet tropical fruit mix (I think there’s apricot, pineapple and some other fruity flavors in there), very nice and mellow.
  • Torque – a very good tobacco flavored e-liquid for those of you who aren’t into fancy flavors and just want something that tastes similar to a real cigarette.

Halo E cig Anti-burn Technology

This is the best part! First of all, cartomizer poly-fill are very prone to burning. You have to keep the filler material constantly wet with e-liquid. I haven’t experienced the cartomizer burning with the Halo G6. On their product page of their website, they say they use their patented technology called “Flameguard”.

One thing I’ve noticed is that with standard 510 style cartomizers, the wick is quite visible. With the G6 e cig, the wick is no where to be seen. I think they have it sitting right at the bottom to reduce the burning of the filler material – smart.

When the filler burns, the vapor emitted can be really horrible tasting and it actually hurts my lungs and throat when I inhale, so this is definitely a really good feature to have.

Halo G6 Cartomizers

Juice Capacity

Juice capacity on the Halo G6 is average and one full refill will last you around 2 hours of continuous vaping. That is pretty decent in my books. Always carry spare cartomizers with you as a precaution.

Is this a good e-cigarette for beginners?

Definitely, and without a doubt, the Halo G6 is one of the most easy to use electronic cigarettes I’ve ever come across. Very easy to refill on your own, and easy to manage. I haven’t had any e-liquid leaking out of the cartomizer either.

Tip: When you first use these, fill it up with about 25-30 drops of e-liquid and let it soak into the cartomizer filler for about 15 minutes before vaping. This produces better flavor and seasons the filler material for consecutive refills.

Conclusion: The Pro’s & Con’s

Like I’ve mentioned before, I like my PV’s (personal vaporizers) to last especially when I’m heading out for an entire day. So my criteria for a portable PV are:

  • excellent battery life
  • good e-liquid capacity

With the slim form factor and size of the Halo G6 e-cig, you can’t really ask for much. If you want more battery life and more juice capacity, you’re going to need something bigger and more bulky and it can be a hassle to carry around when you’re out of the house.

The thing is though, this e cigarette starter kit comes with 2 batteries, so there is nothing stopping you from carrying both of them out with you in your pocket. They’re definitely light enough so carrying another battery and cartomizer isn’t really going to make any difference.

I like the Halo e-liquids… but I don’t love them. Over time, I’ve developed my own personal preferences in terms of tastes and I prefer dark chocolate and coffee flavors as well as tobacco and rum now. This might change in time, who knows?

But as the saying goes, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” and this is ever-so true when it comes to what you like to vape. Without a doubt, quite a number of you are going to get stuck into these flavors.

Features at a glance:

  • An anodized aluminum shell (beautiful)
  • A rubberized manual switch battery
  • “Flameguard” anti-burn technology
  • “Thermoflow” smooth heated vapor
  • “Infiniglow” enhanced battery life

Also available from Halo:

  • blank cartomizers $8.15 each (pack of 5)
  • cartridges $4.25 ea
  • Basic 510 starter kit $54.99 multiple colored batteries
  • pre-filled cartomizers (pack of 5). $9.99
  • More you buy, cheaper it gets (they discount on bulk buys, check the website)

The Halo e-cigarette is in my opinion, great value for money especially if you’re new to vaping, and can’t be bothered mixing your own e-liquids and just want something quick and easy to get started.

Update Report (15th August 2011):

After several weeks of continual usage, I’m pleased to report that I actually DO like these Halo e-liquids, and very much so! My current favorites are the Menthol Ice, Freedom Juice, Tikki Juice and Prime (this one has a really nice, sweet & warm flavor to it). To me, these compliment my regular vapes perfectly. Ask any e-cig user and they’ll tell you that they rotate around several flavors. I did get quite sick of vaping the same usual e-liquids day in and day out, so these Halo e-liquids stopped me from getting sick of my current favorites.

Also, I’ve not had to use any of the spare cartomizers that came with the starter kit. These cartos are doing so well, and the one I’m using has been going strong for 3 weeks now, with a lot of flavor. I wonder what the guys at Halo do to make these cartomizers so exceptional?

Halo Electronic Cigarettes

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  1. Vincent Vescovi says:

    Thank you for your review on the Halo G6, especially the tutorial on how to manually fill the cartomizer. I found your review of the product & explanation about how it works extremely helpful. I am going to purchase a Halo G6 kit based solely on your video.

  2. Nicholas says:

    I agree with Vincent. This was totally informative, as a noob to this sort of thing. I already purchased my Halo G6 based on this info. I’ve received it, and I like it. I think I need a higher strength though. As a pack a day smoker I thought 18mg would be enough. But so far it is not satisfying my craving. I ordered 24mg, hopefully that will help. Thanks again!

  3. jay says:

    nice hub, i’ve been to a few “review” sites just to see a bunch of stars mixed with random info. just basically got the feeling an affiliate just made a site to “sell” the product. you on the other hand did a great review and i’ll be ordering from YOUR link. thanks

  4. Geoff says:

    I’ve been using the Halo G6 for about a week now and absolutely love it. Poor planning on my part (not ordering enough carts/juice) has kept me from using it exclusively but, now that I’m fully stocked, I’m off analogs for good. The flavor in the Torque 56 carts is incredible & so much more satisfying than my American Spirits. Thanks for the review, it pushed me in the right direction.

  5. Steven says:

    Thanks to your review website I’ve just ordered the Halo G6 Starter pack. It’s gonna take up to 20 days to ship to Canada but can’t wait to try it out. I don’t smoke much maybe 4-6 on weekdays during work breaks and on weekends up to 10 if I go out for drinks so I decided to get the 6mg/ml Malibu Menthol :)

    I’ll post an update on how it goes.
    I’ve clicked like on most of your video’s on youtube also.

    Can you or anyone recommend a good site to buy e-juices from retailers in Canada? Shipping charges are quite a lot and I’ll most likely have to pay duty/tax etc.

    Cheers from Toronto

    • mech says:

      @Steven You’re very welcome. Unfortunately, most of us buy liquids outside of our countries because there’s just a lot more variety to be had that way. The Halo flavors, you’re going to love though. Let me know how you like those.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help with regards to Canadian e-liquids.

  6. mg7454 says:

    I have been using Halo products for about 6 months.
    I started with two (2) of their “Element” 510,
    78mm/280 mAh/Manual batteries and Halo cartomizers.
    I also have 2 of their “Element” Pass-through batteries for use at my computer.
    Both are absolutely Terrific!

    I now have four (4) G-6 batteries, and I think my Halo Prime-15 e-liquid tastes even better than it did using my Halo “Element” batteries.

    Halo’s Prime is my all-day e-liquid. It has a mild tobacco flavor and there is a hint of nut and cocoa.

    I highly recommend Halo products!

  7. Andrea says:

    For several weeks I researched many sites, and as Jay mentioned, your review and video were the best by far! Immediately after “liking” your video on youtube, I shared the link on my facebook page and it is quickly getting attention. Both your video and site are extremely thorough, and after watching your tutorial I am very confident that I will be able to properly charge and fill my G6 when it arrives this week!

    While I considered several brands and models over the last few weeks, the deciding factor in my purchase of the Halo G6 over the V2 or any other brand was based on four factors- I can mix or refill myself, Made in the USA, brand and model reviews/reputation, and customer service. Halo has EXCELLENT customer care, and I cannot say enough about my experience to date-which began weeks before my purchase! I originally wanted the Element, which is currently unavailable, and I emailed them to inquire when it would be in stock. Within an hour or two I received the first of many replies from Jay Blazio, the Director of Business Development. Over the course of three weeks, I sent him several messages with questions about the Element and the G6, and he has always promptly and courteously responded within a couple of hours. Shortly before I made my purchase I asked him about available discounts as I was buying two kits plus juice and cartos, and he quickly and generously responded before and after I made the transaction last night. My order shipped this morning, and I am 110% confident that I will be with Halo for a very long time.

    You have an excellent site Mech, and I will be returning regularly to read your tips and juice recommendations. Thank you for helping us to decide on Halo flavors- I’m putting in another order today!

  8. Jay says:

    I am happy to announce that I recived my Halo G6and could not be happier. The quality spoke for it self as soon as u unwrapped it. I have been using the product now for three days with out a single desire to revert back normal brand ciggerttes. I charged the batteries per the instruction and one battery is capable of lasting me the whole day with constant vapeing. As well as the g6 I ordered the juice sample pack I am completely impressed with the quality of the liquids. From taste to thickness of the vapor produced. I purchased some china liquid and it did not hold a candle to the halo product. At the moment I am enjoying the Tiki juice. I have let many friends sample the vaporizer and all have decided to give up the “anologs” and move on to the G6 for their daily
    Needs of nicotine. All in all this is a wonderful product an I would recommend it to any one who wished versatility with their vapor products as well as quality.

    Thank you Mech for posting a great review and enabling me to come to a final judgment on what would best suit my needs for vapeing. I can finally say I have kicked the habit of actual smoking and save my lungs the hassle of repeated assaults with carcinogens they have grown to expect.

  9. DJ says:

    Just got my G6 today, and I didn’t even see this review. Glad I picked a good one. This is totally new to me, and I appreciate your video with refill instructions. I gotta admit, when I saw the freeze-frame of the video, I thought it was a kid!
    Very informative site; I’ll bookmark it.

  10. PoutinePower says:

    I bought my G6 after watching your video and I’m very happy about it!! The cartomizer didn’t burned on me yet but I wonder if this happened with your G6 cartomizer after extended usage?

    • mech says:

      Great to hear that! After extended usage, you should throw away the Halo e cig cartomizer and swap it for a fresh one to get the most out of the e-juices. This is why Halo carto’s come in multiple packs.

  11. Crystal says:

    Hey Mech, I also purchased the G6 after watching your review. I love your site, it has a lot of great information for a newbe and I have shared it on my FB.

    Aside from a few hiccups, which customer service has promptly responded to and taken care of, I absolutely LOVE my G6….. it’s great and I am menthol girl so the Menthol Ice and Malibu Menthol are my Fav flavors!

    Thanks so much for your help and answering my emails!!!

  12. Dino says:

    I purchased the Halo G6 starter kit BEFORE I read your review and I have to say that I totally agree with you. It is actually wonderful for what you pay for. The flavors are perfect. I prefer tribeca and torque.

    Once again, you really know your stuff!! I’m glad I picked a good one.